The Death of a Saint

Wednesday, in the still darkness before the sun brought the world to life, a dear saint of God breathed her last breath. Death, sickness, and sin all seemed to win this one. Grief began to sit in, first in family members, then friends, and dear brothers and sisters in the faith who knew her well. There was, no doubt and rightly so, a sense of hopelessness in her lifeless body.

Something greater was happening in that body, though. Her sin cursed body was finished, but her Blood bought soul was freed. You see, at some point in her life, Mary Elizabeth Vann was seeking self righteousness, attempting to fix herself. In one instant, though, the Spirit of God fell on her, snatched her from the burning fires of death, and presented her with Christ, the One who bought her on the cross. In an irresistible moment of the purest grace, she ran into freedom in the kingdom of God.

The Lord began working in her, moving her new heart of flesh towards Himself. She grew in the knowledge and wisdom of the Word. The Great Comission wasn’t a story in a book, it was a command the Lord God had given her. She deeply desired that her brothers and sisters knew it was theirs too. The gospel must be advanced, and that task belongs to us.

Today we mourn that this one is gone. We talk of her passing and our laying her body to rest. The real truth though, is that this saint isn’t past. She’s more alive than we’ve ever been. She’s found rest, but it’s in the presence of Christ. Her body will continue to decay on this earth, but don’t stand too close when the Day comes. You see, that body’s coming up out of the ground and it’s going to be made new.
So friends, mourn that sin curses, but rejoice. We’re headed to endless freedom too. Life will be eternal, and everyday it will be greater than the day before.


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