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Reflections on T4G

This time last week I was over an hour into a three day conference that I had no idea how much God was going to do in my life. I could probably spend a large portion of the rest of the day giving you a recount on certain things that I learned, thought, experienced, and came away with. I’ll spare you and give you just five highlights and one exhortation.

1. T4G was birthed from the relationship between Al Mohler, Mark Dever, C.J. Mahaney, and Ligon Duncan. Over the course of the conference they were unashamedly outspoken and grateful for their gospel centered friendship and heart for each other. The Lord has graciously given me this in several guys, but particularly the two I share this blog with. Neither were there. Both were chastised.

2. All 9 (yes, that’s right) sermons were piercing to the core, but the Word from the Lord Ligon Duncan gave from 1 Kings 19 left me unable to stand up. Go here and listen to it.

3. As mentioned in #1, the conference came from the relationship of those 4 men, but particularly in their conversations following other conferences. The Lord blessed me with such an opportunity on Wednesday night in an IHOP with Josh Wester, Seth Woodley, and Les Hughes. They are great brothers, and we ate pancakes late into the morning discussing God, ministry, and congregations.

4. The best picture of heaven I have ever experienced was the singing of 7500 people, mostly men, on the last night of T4G. I thought I was going to be taken up into the highest heavens. Here’s Dr. Mohler’s video of it from the 2nd row.

5. I have 30 books in my bedroom floor that I got from the conference. 20 of those were free. The other 10 were 40% off. So, I spent less than $40 and got 30 books. Yes, Lord!

6. T4G 2014 will be April 8-10 in Louisville, KY. If you are a pastor, church leader, or theological student you need to make every effort to attend. There is no more encouraging, uplifting conference for the shepherd’s soul. If you want to know more, listen to this year’s audio/video or ask one of us 7000 + that were able to attend.