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The Sufficiency of Scripture

I’m reading a book about Scripture, and the author gives this definition of the sufficiency of Scripture:

“Because of the ways in which God has chosen to relate himself to Scripture, Scripture is sufficient as the means by which God continues to present himself to us such that we can know him, repeating through Scripture the covenant promise he has brought to fulfillment in Jesus Christ.”

About this definition, he explains, 

“It does not replace a living, dynamic relationship with the Lord with the study of a book. Instead it asserts that the Lord who wants to create living relationships with people comes to establish those relationships through the Scriptures.”

These are both worth meditating on. His point is, at least in part, that God has given us the Scriptures to reveal himself to us, so that we might know him in them. Thus, we do not approach the Bible as a book to be analyzed, but as a source of cultivating the covenant relationship we have with God in Christ.
Let me encourage you, as you read your Bibles, don’t simply study them. Instead, seek to know God in them. Ask, “How is God revealing himself in this text? How is he making himself known here?” One simple practice that helps with this is to pray before reading the Bible, “Lord, open my eyes to how you have (already) made yourself known in this text, that I might see myself and my life in light of who you have revealed yourself to be.”